Rules | 规则

  • You are alpha dog or new pack leader for your dog | 让狗狗认识到你是「领头狗」,比他地位高
  • You have to teach him in a manner he will understand | 以狗狗理解的方式教育他
  • Word Association | 字词联想

    • Use the same word (command) for each behavior every time you teach it, adding food rewards and verbal praise to reinforce the positive. | 每次训练相同的行为使用相同的词语(命令),同时使用食物奖励和口头鼓励来增强训练效果。
    • The puppy will make the connection and will be motivated to repeat the behavior when he hears those key words. | 狗狗会将命令和行为联系起来,同时会去重复行为当它们听到相同的词语(命令)
  • Timing | 时机

    • All dogs learn their lessons in the present tense. You have to catch them in the act (good or bad) in order to dispense rewards or discipline. | 所有狗狗都在当时学习,你必须抓现行,不管是为了奖励还是纪律
    • You have three to five seconds to connect with your puppy or he will not understand what he did wrong. | 你只有3-5秒时间,之后狗狗就忘了这事儿,不会明白它做错了什么
    • Use simple one-word commands and say them only once. | 使用一个简单的词语作为命令,命令只重复一次。
    • Always praise (and offer a treat ) as soon as your puppy does something good (or stops doing something naughty). | 每次狗狗做对了就要及时奖励,让它们知道自己是好狗
  • Never hit or kick your dog or strike him with a newspaper or other object. | 不要用报纸等打狗,不然它们会反社会
  • When praising or correcting, use your best doggie voice. | 鼓励或者训斥时使用不同的语气

Reference | 参考资料

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